Yes, three phase power can be installed at homes or businesses in Australia. It is a more stable and consistent form of electricity that is perfect for businesses or homes with high-power needs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what 3 phase power is and why it’s such a valuable resource. We’ll also provide tips on how to get 3 phase power at your house if you don’t already have it, including understanding whether or not a switchboard upgrade is required.

What is three phase power?

3 phase power is an electric power supply that consists of three separate but equal voltages. These three voltages are each offset by one-third of a cycle, and they work together to provide a more stable and consistent form of electricity. This type of power is perfect for businesses or homes with high-power needs, as it can help prevent blackouts and other power disruptions.

Electricity is typically supplied to homes at either a single-phase (230 and 240 volts) or three-phase (400 and 415 volts). A three-phase circuit is created by merging three alternating currents of the same frequency, which in turn generates three separate waves of electric power. This ensures that the power supply will never drop to zero, keeping the electric supply constant.

In order to determine whether or not you need a three-phase connection, you must first understand your home’s wattage usage. The wattage is simply the amount of power that an appliance uses at any given moment. If the sum of wattage of all electrical appliances you use at a given point of time exceeds your requirements you will need to upgrade to a 3 phase power supply.

If you have three or more air conditioners in your home, for example, you should perform a power upgrade to a 3 phase. This will enhance the reliability and stability of the power supply.

In short, if your home’s wattage usage is high, you may need to upgrade to a three-phase power supply in order to ensure that your home has a stable and reliable electricity supply.

How can I get 3 phase power at my house?

If you’re interested in getting 3 phase power at your house, the first step is to contact your local electricity supply provider. They will be able to tell you whether or not three phase power is available in your area, and if so, what the process is for getting your switchboard upgraded. Then, reach out to Finnley Electrical to arrange for a quote and installation.

Do I have 3 phase power at my home?

In order to identify if you already have 3 phase power at your home, look at the ‘Main Switch’ or ‘Supply Main Switch’ on your switchboard, or meter box as it is also known, (which is probably located in a box on a wall outside your home) to see if it says 3-phase power. You have three-phase electricity if the switch looks like three switches connected together and is wider than 3 centimetres. If it’s a single switch and thin, you’re dealing with single-phase power.

Benefits of 3 Phase Power

The following are some of the advantages to upgrading to a 3-phase power supply:

  • Reduced wear and tear on electrical appliances – Because of the less vibration, electrical equipment and machines that run on a 3-phase current can endure longer.
  • More efficient use of electricity – 3 phase power is more efficient at matching loads, eliminating harmonic currents and the need for big neutral wires.
  • More stable power supply – 3 Phrase Electricity is perfect for large residential homes, commercial buildings, and manufacturing enterprises because it never falls to zero.
  • Increased safety.

What is the difference between Single Phase and Three Phase Power?

The main difference between single and three phase power is the number of voltages that are used to supply electricity. Single-phase power uses two voltages – one for supplying electricity to the appliance, and one for returning it back to the source. Three-phase power, on the other hand, uses three voltages – two for supplying electricity to the appliance, and one for returning it back to the source. This additional voltage helps to make three-phase power more efficient than single-phase power. The types of power points used remain the same.
There are a few other key differences between these two types of power:

  • Single-phase power is typically used in homes and small businesses, while three-phase power is mostly used in industrial and commercial settings.
  • Single-phase power is generated by a single generator, while three-phase power is generated by three generators that are synchronized together.
  • Three-phase power is more expensive to install than single-phase power.
  • Three-phase power can be transported over longer distances with less loss than single-phase power.
  • Three-phase power is more efficient than single-phase power and can handle more electrical loads.

How much does it cost to put in 3 phase power?

The cost of upgrading from a single-phase to a three phase service ranges between $8 and $11 per linear foot, depending on how close the upgrade connects to the nearest existing 3-phase power line in the neighbourhood. As a rough guide, the total installation cost could be between $4000 to $6000.

Is it cheaper to run 3 phase?

Changing your connection from a single-phase to three phase power supply will not incur any additional costs on your electricity bill, if anything you will have a more efficient electrical system and could find cost savings on your electricity power bill. The units of electricity you use will remain the same, as they are based on the wattage of your electrical appliances and not the type of electricity supply you have.


If you’re considering upgrading from a single phase system to 3 phase power, reach out to your local electricity provider to see if it’s available in your area. Once you’ve confirmed that three phase power is an option for you, contact your local electrician, Finnley Electrical, for a quote and installation. Only an electrical contractor with appropriate licenses and qualifications is able to perform a power phase supply upgrade. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about 3 phase power.

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