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Does your home struggle with its power supply? You may be surprised just how much power you need to run today’s modern appliances, not only that, but nearly every member of the family has a phone, iPad or laptop nowadays, meaning the demands on your home power supply are increasing. A switchboard upgrade can ensure that your house operates safely every day with enough power being distributed for all of your LED TVs, lighting, cooking appliances, laptops, computers, gaming consoles, CCTV cameras and anything else you have running in your home. Not only that, but it can also help overcome common electrical issues like your circuit breaker tripping or your home appliance short-circuiting.

Don’t risk the safety of your family – if your electrical load is affecting the performance of our circuits, upgrade your switchboard today and experience peace of mind with our Lifetime Labour Guarantee.

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Honest and Fair Pricing
Honest and
Fair Pricing
Lifetime Labour Guarantee
Lifetime Labour Guarantee
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24 hour service
24hr Emergency Service
Licensed and Insured
Fully Licensed and Insured

How do you know if your electric switchboard needs an upgrade?

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how do I know if my switchboard needs an upgrade‘ therefore we have put together the following points which can be used as guide when deciding if its time to upgrade:

  • Are your home appliances failing to operate as described? For example, does your air conditioning operate without shutting off unexpectedly?

  • Does your circuit breaker trip every time you turn certain appliances on like a kettle or oven?

  • Does your switchboard contain the older style ceramic fuses?

  • Is there smoke or any strange noises coming from your switchboard?

  • Would you like to upgrade from single phase to three phase power?

  • Is the electrical wiring in your home old?

  • Is smoke coming from any electrical equipment your family uses?

  • Are your energy bills high and you don’t know why?
  • Have any of your electrical wires melted? Note: melted electrical wiring is dangerous and should not be touched.

  • Have your electrical cables recently caught on fire? Or have you noticed burn marks near your AC power outlets or electricity meter?

  • Are you concerned your electricity supply is a health risk to those living in your building, commercial property or residential area?

  • Are your power tools unable to be used at their maximum capacity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we recommend you give the friendly team at Finnley Electrical a call to discuss your current situation and we can advise whether some form of repair or maintenance would be appropriate or if an upgrade might be the best solution. Our recommendations always take into consideration the cost of the solution, legal requirements, and the safety of our customers.

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Electric switchboard installations

Within Australia, there are specific regulative rules and restrictions that apply to electrical installations, including switchboard installations. Specifically, as per the AS/NSZ 3000:2018 Wiring Rules, it is a mandatory requirement to have an electric switchboard with a safety switch, installed at your household or business.

Further to this, if alterations are being made to a switchboard, or if a switchboard is being replaced with a new one, a Residual-current device (RCD) must be installed. Where alterations have occurred, RCDs are mandatory for final subcircuits. RCDs are also a requirement to protect socket outlets that have been added to any existing circuits, in accordance with the requirements for new subcircuits. If a socket-outlet has been added to an existing circuit, it is mandatory to have RCD protection, however, this protection only needs to be installed at the origin of the additional electrical wiring.

Your switchboard is the organiser of the different electrical circuits that run the power in your home or business. They handle your electrical load and allow for electricity supply to occur throughout your home or business. Modern switchboards have been designed in a way that allows you to recognise the different circuits in the house easily. Each circuit should be clearly labelled so you can understand what will be affected by turning one on/off. Most switchboards are installed in a metal cabinet on the outside of your home, these metal cabinets are also known as a fuse box, distribution board or NSW Standard Meter Box with the most common size being 600H X 600W x 250D.

During a switchboard upgrade, any historical older-style fuses are removed with new safety switches installed in their place. These safety switches naturally add an additional layer of safety to your home and come with the ability to ‘trip’ off should a power event occur, protecting you and your family members. This type of safety is useful for minimising the chance of electric shock, electrocution and preventing the breakout of fires.

The team at Finnley Electrical provide a range of switchboard installations, services and repairs so don’t delay to give us a call today. We complete each and every job we undertake with professionalism and the work of our staff is backed by a Lifetime Labour Warranty.

We’re a local family-owned business of professional and experienced electricians ready to help with your residential or commercial electrical needs throughout the Ryde, Hills District, North Shore and Inner West.

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