Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Same-day bathroom exhaust fan installation across Sydney. Remove excess moisture and improve ventilation in your bathroom.

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Bathroom exhaust fan installation

Remove moisture and prevent mould

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Near Me

Improving the air ventilation in your bathroom helps to reduce mould by ensuring excess moisture is removed. Bathroom exhaust fans take the steamy air from your shower, bath and taps and push it outside, ensuring that the moisture doesn’t remain in the room.

Our licensed electricians can provide advice on the best bathroom exhaust fan to choose for your specific circumstances, and all of our work is backed by a lifetime labour guarantee.

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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Types

There are many different types of exhaust fans on the market. Bathrooms need an exhaust fan to eliminate the moisture produced by showers or baths. The exhaust fan improves the air circulation in the bathroom, and it also helps with regulating temperature and preventing mould growth. Within a toilet space, you can install a toilet exhaust fan to remove odours and improve air quality. When deciding on the type of exhaust fan you’d like, remember to choose an appropriate size that will allow at least 10 air changes per hour.

Here at Finnley Electrical, we have experience installing popular brands, including IXL Tastic, and Arlec.

Ceiling exhaust fan

The exhaust fan is affixed to the ceiling and will remove any air or moisture upwards. This air can be sent to an exterior roof cavity or outdoors. Ceiling-mounted bathroom exhaust fans are perhaps the most common type of bathroom exhaust fan. They’re reliable and effective, and come in both ducted and non-ducted models.

Inline exhaust fan

An inline exhaust fan is similar to a ceiling-mounted fan, but rather than being affixed to the ceiling it is installed in the ductwork itself. Inline fans are perfect for long or complex duct runs where a regular ceiling-mounted fan just wouldn’t be practical. They can also be used in combination with other fans to create a ‘daisy chain’ ventilation system.

Window exhaust fan

If you live in an apartment or unit where roof and wall space is limited, you may want to consider installing an exhaust fan through the window. This type of fan has two sections, one inside and one outside, that work together to ventilate the air. Some window exhaust fans also come with a reversing function, so they can be used to bring fresh air into the room as well.

Multi-Purpose exhaust fan

Multi-purpose exhaust fans allow for air to be extracted whilst also providing heating and lighting functions. IXL exhaust fans are a top pick for many people because they serve multiple purposes. Not only do they ventilate and circulate air, but they also include heaters and a light. A downside to this type of three-in-one bathroom exhaust fan is the added cost of installation and purchase.

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