Apprentices can be a valuable addition to any electrical business. Some are hard working, some might struggle with basic terms and definitions whilst others will go on to become fully qualified electricians after completing all their training. Whilst most take their jobs very seriously, there is no harm in having a little fun with some apprentice nicknames so we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the funniest apprentice nicknames in Australia that we could find across the internet.

Funny Apprentice Nicknames List

  • Wicket-keeper – puts on the gloves and stands back.
  • Harvey Norman – it’s been 3 years with no interest.
  • Grenade – always waiting for him to pull the pin.
  • Brake Pad – gets worn out easily then starts to squeal.
  • Sensor light – only works if someone walks past.
  • Blister – only appears when all the hard work is done.
  • Showbag – quite simply, full of shit.
  • Seaweed – just floats around all day and stinks.
  • Daisy – some days he is here, some days he isn’t.
  • Lantern – not very bright, and always has to be carried.
  • Penguin – always on the ice.
  • Deck chair – always folds under pressure.
  • G-spot – you can never find him.
  • 2-stroke – hard to get started, and constantly smokes.
  • Morphine – slow-moving dope.
  • Bushranger – always holding everyone up.
  • Broken Arrow – doesn’t work and can’t be fired.
  • 1 grit – as rough as they come.
  • Cane toad – every time he stops working he sits down.
  • Trapdoor – because he comes out and grabs anyone who walks past his bay for a gossip.
  • Pothole – cause they’re always in the road.
  • Pluto – far out and not very bright.
  • Bottle – empty from the neck up.
  • Golf ball – someone who is hard to find.
  • Slinky – good for nothing but fun to push down the stairs.
  • Paper straw – someone who works but not for long.
  • Shania – they don’t impress you much.
  • English fog – someone who won’t lift anything.
  • Egon – where has he gone again?
  • Lightning – someone who can never hit the same spot twice.
  • Devondale – someone who always does the cream jobs.
  • Cold Sore – no matter how much crap you put on them, they keep coming back.
  • Platypus – bosses son. Protected species.
  • Hostage – someone who is always tied up with something.
  • Squinter – someone who lives in The Hills District and finds themselves squinting against the direct sunlight when driving home on the M4.
  • Feta – someone who always crumbles under pressure.
  • Mastercard – someone who always takes credit for someone else’s work.
  • Muffler – someone who is always exhausted.


So there you have it, whilst being an electrician can be hard at times, there is no harm in having a little fun here and there so we hope this list of the funniest apprentice nicknames in Australia was useful. How did we go? If you feel we’ve missed any please don’t hesitate to send them through to Finnley Electrical and we will get them added.

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